LookTeam becomes an official CiöD partner

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Logo LookTeam
LookTeam Hair Inspiration becomes an official CiöD partner. After 15 years of training in Italy and Asia, the salon was founded in 2007 by the creative and entrepreneurial talent of Nichola, reinvigorated after that by the joining of Francesco with a technical/stylistic connotation of excellence. The union between brothers, through trust and diversified skills, manages […]

Support for “Associazione Angelman”

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Ciod Support for “Associazione Angelman”
CiöD supports the cause of Associazione Angelman Onlus supporting research on Angelman syndrome. The Angelman Syndrome is a rare genetic disease, in most cases not hereditary, characterized by a delayed development and severe neurological damage. It affects an estimated 1 in 12,000 to 15,000 born child (but it’s likely that the incidence may be higher […]